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Clip ‘n Climb

Clip ‘n Climb is designed for you to experience the world of rock climbing in a safe and fun environment. Whether you’re an experienced climber or a first-timer keen to try something new, Clip ‘n Climb is the way to go!

Physical Benefits

  • Clip ‘n Climb is a full-body exercise, requiring agility and co-ordination.
  • The actions develop core strength and endurance, leading to increased fitness.
  • The health benefits of Clip ‘n Climb are not only limited to the body. Negotiating the obstacles exercises the brain, as each requires the practice of quick, instinctive decision-making.

Safety Rules

  • Minimum 125cm height required for all participants
  • Only attempt obstacles within your skill level
  • Lace-up sports shoes must be worn in the Clip ‘n Climb area. 
  • Watch out for other participants at all times to ensure safety
  • Climbers must fit safely in a harness
  • Climbers must have harness checked before climbing
  • Climbers must attend Safety Briefing before climbing


  1. Each Clip ‘n Climb wall/theme requires a different skill and agility, creating an active and thrilling experience.

    A physical and mental challenge for all ages from ages 5+. Each attraction is equipped with TrueBlu™ automatic belay devices which take in the slack as you climb and then lower you safely down to the ground.

    The area incorporates more than 21 different climbing walls, comprising varying routes for beginner to advanced climbers. Participants will have their speed, agility, endurance, upper and lower body strength tested as they either freestyle their way up each wall, or race against the clock!

  2. The minimum age to access the Clip ‘n Climb area is 3 years old. However, all participants must be able to fit into a safety harness. All obstacles inside the Clip ‘n Climb area require a minimum height of 125cm tall.
  3. Climbers must attend the Safety Briefing before climbing.

    All climbers must fit safely into a harness, which must be worn for the duration of the time spent in the Clip ‘n Climb area.

  4. Yes! Either book a Clip ‘n Climb party where party guests have access only to the Clip ‘n Climb area, followed by 30mins in a private party room where pre-booked catering can be enjoyed or book a combo party, which includes 1 hour of Clip ‘n Climb, followed by 1 hour in the trampoline section of the venue. Once your two-hour combo session is complete, your guests head into a private party room for 30mins where pre-booked catering can be enjoyed.
  5. Clip ‘n Climb can only be booked exclusively if you pay an exclusive hire fee.